Kamis, 31 Desember 2015

Keep Calm and Carry On

2015 had been a great year for me. I had one of my biggest events in my life that was my final project started from January to June. I shed so many tears in the progress, feeling down and up again after thinking about my parents and my friends who were having the final project together with me haha. I got my first award in architecture too, so I guess my tears worth it.

On August I had my bachelor degree and thankfully I got a job at an architecture consultant in Yogyakarta, it's one of the holiday destinations in Indonesia by the way. I learn so many things from  this small office. In my college, I avoided medical architecture subject since I hate hospital, yet now I'm working at a consultant specialized in hospital ._. So I was told to study again from the scratch, my seniors are helping me to study too. So glad I met such amazing people.

Anyway my pen tablet is broken so I can't do digital drawing :( for now I'm practicing my watercolor and I post it on my instagram ^^. I still playing games and my recent game is Assassin's Creed Syndicate. I planned to buy a PS4, but I changed my mind and decided to buy some clothes ahahaha. My boss allowed me to join some meetings with client, and I realized that your appearance is one of the important things when you have a business meeting.

Since I got my job, I also learned to be more grateful on every little thing that happens in my life. No matter how hard my job or the bad day I have, I must be grateful because I know that someone out there is not as fortunate as I am.

Anyway this post is really random haha. Thanks for reading and I wish your happiness in 2015

Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

Child Of Light Review

Actually, I finished this game ages ago, but I just had the chance to write the review T_T Child of Light is a RPG developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It was released on April, 30th. The game is really simple and it's not really difficult to finish this game (but I got lost for several times LOL). And I think that helped me to enjoy the storyline, sometimes I need to play a game twice to understand the storyline because I focus too much on the gameplay :O

Child Of Light starts with a narration, telling a story about Aurora, a princess of a kingdom in Austria. She lost her mother when she was small, then her father, the King, married to a woman called Umbra. One day Aurora fell asleep and she never woke up. Her father thought Aurora was dead, but one day Aurora woke up and found out that she was in a kingdom called Lemuria. The Kingdom's sun, stars and moon were stolen by Queen Of Night, it made Lemuria covered with dark creatures. Aurora would meet Igniculus, a firefly, and other people from Lemuria Kingdom and started a journey to bring back Lemuria' sun, stars, and moon, and reunited with her father again.

This game is 2D side scrolling RPG, but unlike the other games, you will play as 2 players at the same time \(´▽`)/. At first you will play as Aurora who get lost in a forest of Lemuria, then you will meet Igniculus and play as him to help Aurora get items or treasures. Igniculus can restore Aurora's and other teammates' HP, and helps to slow down the enemy's speed, it's really helpful for the battle and when strolling around.

Aurora met Igniculus for the first time
You will play as Aurora and your other teammates in battle. You can change the character with different kind of skills as you like. The battle uses command, you can attack, use items, change the characters or flee the battle. You will have your own turn to use the command, and each command has its own time cast. So it's possible to interrupt your enemy's command when you have faster time cast.

You can craft and use Oculi too, it will give you some effects in battle and can be an advantage or not when you face an enemy with a certain element. For example I use Oculi with water effect on Aurora, it will give extra damage when attacking enemies with fire element, but it works the opposite when she received lightning / earth attack. The enemies you face will have different element based on the location, so I suggest to change the Oculi every time Aurora come to a new place.

Alright, that's for the description, now move to my opinion :D

Child of Light is really cute. Aurora's really pure at first, then she turns into a strong and brave girl. Just because Aurora is a princess then she has to be weak and protected ;) The dialogs are like poems, it was my first time to read this kind of dialogs (´・ω・`)

At first I thought it would be boring to play Child of Light. But Ubisoft made more than a 2D side scrolling game \(´▽`)/ Aurora will fly, her hair will move along, and she will feel the vibration when the Giant Magna walking in the game \(´▽`)/

Aurora is flying!! \(´▽`)/
Magna moves in the background

The background musics are good. They are easy listening even though some feel depressed ._. For me, the game play is not really interesting because I'm not into command based battle (´・ω・`) but I still played this game and I didn't regret it  _(:3 」∠)_

My fanart for Child of Light :3

I give this game score 8.5 (๑・ω-)~♥”  a cute and refreshing game~

That's my opinion about this game. I recommend you to play it no matter what your gender is ┐(´∀`)┌ Thanks for reading and sorry for the mistakes \(´▽`)/

Minggu, 06 April 2014

Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legend Complete Edition

This time I will write a review about a PS Vita game, Dynasty Warriors 8 XL  Complete Edition ~(^O^)~ This game was made by Tecmo Koei and released on 2013 for PS 3, but the Extreme Legend version was released this year for PS 3. PS 4 and PS Vita got the complete Edition version, included DW 8 & DW8 Extreme Legend. Tecmo Koei also mentioned that they will release the game for PC in Japanese this year.

Dynasty Warriors franchise is a game based on story of Romance of 3 Kingdoms. After the fallen of Han Dynasty, there are 3 people who seek for peace with their own way to gain it. They are Cao Cao, Liu Bei, And Sun Guan. As the story goes, they will create their own kingdoms, Wei, Shu, and Wu. And so the war can't be avoided between these kingdoms.

In this game, there are 4 kinds of gameplay which you can choose to play, Story Mode, Free Mode, Ambition Mode and Challenge Mode. You will play following the stories in Story Mode. TK also added hypothetical scenarios in each kingdoms, so you will have more stories to play ~(^O^)~ (and it made my thumb numb LOL). In Free Mode, you can choose any officer and any story to play, while in Challenge Mode you will overcome the challenges with any officer. Last, the Ambition Mode, you will build your own kingdom, and you need to finish some missions in order to make your kingdom prosper ヽ(`・ω・´)ノ

Unlike the previous series, in Story Mode we will play for 5 sides of stories, they are Wei, Wu, Shu, Lu Bu, and Other. Each side except Other has 2 endings. And in every story, we can choose the officer we want to play, and so the mission for each officer is different. Total of the characters 77 + 5 new characters for the Extreme Legend~~~

For the first time, I played as Jin Kingdom (a kingdom full of bishies XD )
This game is better than the previous one, I was really disappointed with DW 7. We can use 4 kinds of musous, most of the weapons and musous are same with DW7. Besides, TK spoils the girls with so many bishies in this game (*´艸`*)ァハ♪ Wen Yang, Jia Chong, and Xu Shu are on my top list XD. The story development is good, it's more detailed so we can understand more about it. The character design is better,and I think the graphic quality is good for PS VIta ^^. But sometimes there were errors in the graphic and my vita suddenly restarted by itself. Even sometimes I couldn't move to the next mission since the gate was closed and there were no officers or the gate keeper .__. Here some screenshots of the game.

The eror I mentioned.

Wen Yang without helmet :3

Jia Chong XD

The graphic quality is pretty good, here tsundere Wang Yuanji as a bonus.

You can use the juggernaut too.

Xu Shu :3

Overall, I give this game score 8,5. It's fun to play this game since you can express your anger by slaying the enemy as much as you want :3 You can learn history of the Han Dynasty from China and how to choose your priority between the mission. Also the priority of maintain the time to play games or doing the assignments first LOL _(:3 」∠)_

Alright, that's all for now. Thanks for reading, I'm sorry for the mistakes  (´・ω・`)

Jumat, 10 Januari 2014

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag

Hello, it's been a long time since my last post. This time I want to review Assassin's Creed 4, one of my favorite RPGs ^^ I think Ubisoft is so generous, this game was made for PS 3, Xbox, PC, PS 4 and Xbox One. I used PC, which rumored you need 64 bit Win7 OS. Fortunately my pc could run this game with 32 bit \^O^/ okay, let's get started.

In this game you will play as Edward Kenway, he's Connor Kenyway's (main character in Assassin's Creed 3) grand father. He used to be a privateer in British Royal Navy, but then he became a pirate because he wanted to be rich in fast way =_= Well he said he would use the money for his and Caroline's (Edward's wife :3) life, but Caroline just wanted Edward to stay because she was worried, so she left him when Edward decided he would sail to West Indies :\

As the story starts, Edward's ship is fighting with British navy, when both sides' ship destroyed due to the storm, Edward survives and swims to the land so does one person who wears assassin robe, Duncan Walpole. Duncan tells Edward to take him to Havana in return for money, Edward asks for the money first then he will take him, but Duncan draws his pistol but it can't be used, and so Duncan runs into the forest. Edward decides to catch him and then kill duncan. Edward wears the robe, and he found a letter addressed to Governor Torres. As he reads the letter, Edward find a merchant being tortured by British privateer. He saves the merchant and introduces himself as Duncan Walpole, and both they sail to Havana.

In Havana Edward meet Governor Torres, Woodes Rogers,  and Julien du Casse who give him pistols and hidden blade. Then we will know that these three actually are templars, and they have a plan to find a place called Observatory, a place that can be used to see every person' activity. The Observatory was made by the first civilization and only one person who can open this place, The Sage, Bartholomew Roberts. Governor Torres says that they have captured Roberts, so they just need the map to observatory, and Duncan Walpole had it. So Edward give the map yet he's curious about the treasure that lies in the Observatory, so Edward infiltrated to Roberts' prison at night. In the prison, he finds that the guards are dead and Roberts is nowhere to be found. Suddenly someone knocks him up and Governor Torres walks in. The templars realize that Edward isn't Duncan Walpole, so he is taken to the ship in Spanish Treasure Fleet, to take him to the British army. In the Ship Edward escapes together with Adéwalé and they decide to recruit other captivated pirates and sail to the sea using the stolen brig class ship \^O^/ Then it's decided that Edward is the captain and Adéwalé is the quartermaster, while the ship's name is Jackdaw~~ The story will continue with Edward trying to find the Observatory and the meeting with Assassins ^^b

In the game progress, you need to upgrade Jackdaw's and Edward's equipment. You can do them from the Harbor Master (for the ship) and General Store or crafting (for Edward). Some of Jackdaw's upgrades require plans, you can find them from buried chests and treasures from the sunken ship. This game is like a better version of Assassin's Creed 3. You can hunt animals, explore the jungle, climb the trees and sail a ship. Yet this game provides more, you can board a ship after you defeat it then take the cargo, explore sunken ship and take the treasures, hunt sharks and whales, etc. There are plenty of missions, not only the main story,we have plenty assassin's contracts and templar hunts :)) 

Overall I really love this game. The story is quite enjoyable, even though I couldn't understand it at first. I bought this game on the same time as my assignment's deadline ; _ ; so I just played AC4 as fast as possible ; _ ; (you can say my most stealth killings & eavesdropping missions didn't work LOL) I really enjoyed the stealth killing for AC4, somehow it was easier than the previous games. The are many kinds of mission so you won't get bored easily to play the same mission over and over. The maps are bigger too \^O^/ Edward's crews are singing while sailing and the songs are good :3 Edward can carry 4 pistols and it will be useful when you are fighting, since you don't need to aim the pistols ^^b There graphic and music are good, you can see that the forest is really detail. especially the waterfall, it's so beautiful :3

Since the graphic is awesome, the computer spec is awesome too. I was really sad when ubisoft made an announcement that Assassin's Creed 4 required Windows 7 64 bit OS and high spec computer T.T There are times when I think I had killed some guards, they still stand up or walking just as usual. Yet when I tried to kill them once more some worked or I just ignore them LOL. Some naval contract missions require internet connection, even though I always online when I play this game I can't connect to the server at all :( (maybe due to slow internet connection in my country :( ) No more Desmon in this game :(

Still, I love this game very much ^^ Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Assassin's Creed 4 are the best in this AC franchise ^^ I give 8,5 for Assassin's Creed 4.

That's all for now. This year another series from Ubisoft, Watch Dogs, will be released. The game is like the modern version of Assassin's Creed XD

Thanks for reading and sorry for the mistakes m(_ _)m

Minggu, 01 September 2013

Double Score Cosmos x Camellia

It has been a while I played otome game ~^O^~ and these bunch of handome ojisans interest my maiden heart, hahaha.

Double Score series is an Otome Game, Situation CD, & Drama CD about having a boyfriend with age gap above 15 years old, made by Blue Moon. Unfortunately, I couldn't use AGTH on this game so I can't tell you the story too much. But I found a blog with the complete story and I will put it at the end of this post :3

The story is about Mai Sinozawa (age 17) who had a part time job as a Miko in Kamizono Shrine. As the story started, Kyouga Kamizono (Mai's employer) asked Mai to deliver a flower to the client. She chose which flower she would deliver and the route began. There are 12 kinds of flower, and each game has 2 flowers and 2 ojisans. The are 2 games which has been released, Cosmos x Camellia & Cattleya x Narcissus. I just played the first one, and I will give some reviews for this amazing game hahaha.

~ Cosmos x Camellia ~

The first character is Issei Suo 31 years old. He is a serious and hardworking salaryman, especially when it comes to his family. His father is sick and often hospitalized, so he helped his mother taking care his siblings and the household chores (and he is good at cooking too :3)  Issei also being targeted by his female co-workers since he's such a good looking ojisan LOL.

Issei has met Mai in the past, but she doesn't remember him since she was very small at that time. He also in a good term with Kyouga since they were classmates in high school. You can say that Issei is a older brother type. He always scolding Yousuke when he teases Mai :3

The secnd ojisan is Yousuke Todaka, 32 years old. A carefree, cheerful, womanizer ojisan :3 He works in the same company as Issei and they often do the job together. Yousuke really loves to tease Mai, saying she looks cute in her miko outfit LOL. Despite of his looks, actually Yousuke is scared of haunted house hahahaha. Yousuke lives alone and he will give the spare key to his room for anyone who is willing to clean his room -___-


For those who prefer older man relationship, this game is perfect :3 The story is pretty good, the main problem is about huge-age-gap relationship. That problem can't be solved easily since society will always gossip and insult Mai and the ojisan. I prefer Issei's story than Yousuke though, since it is more complicated. Issei's story is not about his feelings for Mai, but also his obligation to his family as the oldest child. He almost marry his co-workers, Nikkaido, since her father is a doctor who can help the operation for Issei's father. He also avoids Mai and hurts her by saying he doesn't want to meet her again when he realize he loves Mai. That can't be helped since Issei is an adult and Mai is a high school student :'(

The art and the music is very nice :'> I have nothing to say about them. The score for this game is 8.5 from me ~^O^~

source: http://otome-jikan.net/2013/02/review-double-score-cosmos-x-camellia/

 The next game is Cattleya x Narcissus. There are Rio Shirosaki, an otaku but the no.1 host in his club, Seiya, a do-S host and no. 2 host in the same club as Rio, then Rui Saiga, Mai's modern language teacher and also Seiya's twin.

Here if you want to read the story, spoiler alert!

Okay, that's all for now. The collage will start tomorrow and I have to sleep early since the classes always start in the morning, unlike the previous term T.T

thanks for reading, I'm sorry for the mistakes m(_ _)m

Jumat, 16 Agustus 2013

Free! Fan Art

 Wohoho, here we go Haruka Nanase from swimming anime Free!

I used sand texture from here. The color is minimalist, I tried using this drawing's coloring style.

Source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=37332117

The coloring style is quite simple, yet I need more time to figure out the shadow parts. I should have spent more time with drawing than playing games -_- I had some trips in this holiday and when I was home I just wanted to play games as much as I could .__.

Anyway I also did a fan art of Rin

I need suggestions for backgrounds for sure :"

Rabu, 10 Juli 2013


This post will be in Indonesian :3

Alhamdulillah sekali rasanya waktu mama nawarin mau ikut ibadah umroh, dan akhirnya pergi sama mama & eyang putri tanggal 27 Juni, pas banget selesai UAS. Post ini mungkin bisa jadi refrensi buat yang mau ibadah umroh juga, jadi saya kasih beberapa detail dari mulai agen travel sampai kepulangannya ;)

Jadi untuk travel agent nya pakai Fatimah Zahra, kebetulan travel ini ada di Semarang & tidak buka cabang. Ada beberapa paket umroh yang ditawarkan, umroh + (beberapa negara sekitar seperti turki, palestina, eropa dkk) & paket umroh reguler 9 hari yang cuma umroh aja tujuannya. Saya ambil umroh reguler 9 hari, paket itu aja ada 3 jenis, gold, silver & reguler. Bedanya cuma hotel tempat kita menginap nanti & harganya, tujuannya tetap sama 3 hari di Madinah, 3 Hari di Mekkah, 1 Hari di Jeddah dan sisanya PP. Saya ambil paket Silver, harganya sekitar 24K USD, memang bisa dibilang lebih mahal dari rata - rata agen yang ada, tapi servisnya sesuai dengan harganya kok :3 jadi bisa dibilang puas dengan travel Fatimah Zahra hahahaha.

Jadi berangkat dari Semarang sekitar jam 2, lalu ke Jakarta dulu kemudian baru ke Jeddah sekitar jam 5 baru berangkat. Jakarta - Jeddah lama perjalanannya kira - kira 9 jam, semua pesawatnya pakai Garuda Indonesia. Perbedaan waktu Jakarta dengan Jeddah 4 jam, sampai di King Abdul Aziz Airport sudah jam 12 malam. Ini foto diluar bandaranya.

Nungguin jemaah yang lain di luar :D

Setelah sampai di Jeddah, jemaah dibawa ke Madinah dulu, beberapa travel ada yang langsung ke Mekkah, kata guide-nya, nanti kita ambil niat umrohnya dari masjid Bir Ali makanya ke Madinah dulu :D Lama perjalanannya kira - kira 5 jam dengan bus. Sampai di Madinah langsung check in di hotel Movenpick yang lokasinya persis di sebelah pintu masuk no sekian (lupa nomor berapa) masjid Nabawi :D

Selama di Madinah tentunya kita sebanyak mungkin solat & ibadah di masjid Nabawi. Di masjid ini ada payung yang bisa dibuka & tutup seperti di Masjid Jawa Tengah. Di masjid ini juga ada tempat yang insya Allah doa kita pasti terkabul yaitu Rawdah, letaknya ada di dekat makam & mimbar Nabi Muhammad. Karena untuk perempuan diberlakukan jam buka tutup, jadi penuh sekali & waktu berdoa sempek keinjek - injek juga -,-

Ini halaman paling luar masjid, lantainya keramik, jadi bisa solat di sini :D

Kalau siang, lebih baik solatnya di dalam masjid saja, maklum panasnya bukan main apalagi waktu asar. tapi kalau waktu solat maghrib solatnya diteras masjid, pemandangan senja di Madinah & masjid Nabawi yang indahnya luar biasa itu subhanallah sekali :D Selain solat 5 waktu di masjid Nabawi, tentunya kita juga diajak jalan - jalan sekitar Madinah. Sebaiknya oleh - oleh beli di Madinah saja, harganya lebih murah & lebih banyak toko disekitar masjid.

Setelah 2 malam di Madinah, akhirnya kita berangkat ke Mekkah. Jadi dari hotel sebaiknya sudah ambil air wudhu, jadi sampai di Bir Ali bisa langsung solat Tahiyatul Masjid (boleh solat boleh tidak) setelah itu kita niat umroh di sana dan melanjutkan perjalanan ke Mekkah. Selama perjalanan ini tentunya ada larangan selama memakai pakaian ihrom ;) & lama perjalanannya kira - kira 6 jam dengan bus, tapi insya Allah tidak terasa lama kok hehe.

Sampai di Mekkah, kita langsung check in dulu di hotel. Hotel yang ditempati untuk paket silver itu hotel Dar Aleiman, letaknya juga jalan nggak sampai 5 menit ke Masjidil Haram, untuk paket gold di hotel Grand Zam Zam, letaknya persis di depan pintu masuk Majidil Haram ._.

Ini Grand Zam Zam Hotel

Hotel yang saya tempati ada di sini :D

Setelah check in langsung umroh bersama rombongan jemaah tentunya. Mulai umroh sekitar jam 12 malam, alhamdulillah waktu itu tidak begitu ramai (katanyaaaaa) tapi tetap saja penuh waktu tawaf & berdesak - desakan. Selesai umroh sekitar jam 3 kurang, jadi bisa langsung ambil posisi di masjid untuk solat subuh atau ke hotel istirahat dulu lalu ke masjid lagi ;) setelah itu kita semua diberi waktu 1 hari penuh bebas untuk banyak - banyak ibadah di Masjidil Haram, besoknya baru jalan - jalan di Mekkah & miqot di Tanaim untuk umroh ke 2.

Selama saya umroh kebetulan sedah diadakan pemugaran masjid untuk memperluas masjid tentunya. Hotel disekitar masjid banyak yang digusur, jadi agak bingung juga kalau mau belanja di sekitar sini .__. Tempat untuk tawaf juga berkurang, jadi bisa dimengerti kalau kuota umroh & haji berkurang banyak.

Sebelum pergi ke Jeddah, kita Tawaf Wada / Tawaf berpamitan, kita tidak boleh tidur, berbelanja dan berada di tanah Haram lagi kalau sudah keluar dari Masjid setelah Tawaf Wada. Jadi kalau ada yang mau belanja bisa hari - hari sebelumnya ;)

Biarpun siang tetep penuh

Mekkah - Jeddah butuh waktu sekitar 1 jam, di sini saya menginap di hotel Al Merridien. Di sini kita isinya hura - hura hahaha. Bisa dibilang Jeddah itu Jakartanya Mekkah, banyak mall di sini dan harganya juga mahal - mahal .__. tapi dari travel tetap di bawa ke daerah yang barang dagangannya murah - murah kok hehe.

Ini hotel Le Meridien, sip deh :D
Menginap di Jeddah harusnya cuma 1 malam, tapi karena dari Garuda Indonesia harus menunda penerbangan, akhirnya kita menginap di hotel ini 1 malam lagi :| baru setelah itu sorenya kita ke King Abdul Aziz Airport untuk pulang ke Jakarta.

Nah itu cerita tentang perjalanan selama di Saudi Arabia. Biasanya orang yang pergi ke tanah suci punya cerita aneh bin ajaib, alhamdulillah saya selalu diberi kemudahan selama ibadah jadi lancar - lancar saja. Paling sandal hilang habis umroh ke 2 .__. Ada juga cerita dimana saya & jemaah lain kehabisan kursi ekonomi untuk pulang ke Jakarta tapi dengan sedikit usaha & banyak - banyak doa alhamdulillah saya, mama & eyang putri dapat kursi bisnis :)) lumayan ngerasain duduk di kursi bisnis hahaha.

Berikut beberapa tips yang bisa saya berikan:
  •  Sebaiknya bawa pakaian seperlunya saja, jangan terlalu banyak & jangan terlalu sedikit. Lebih baik kita mencuci sendiri baju di hotel, laundry mahal~
  • Gunakan selalu pelembab bibir & sunblock, jangan lupa masker bila perlu. Cuaca di sana lebih panas daripada Indonesia & banyak debu.
  • Selama di Masjidil Haram & Masjid Nabawi kita bisa minum air zam zam sepuasnya, jangan lupa bawa botol minum untuk diisi air zam zam.
  • Bawalah uang secukupnya, saya sarankan untuk membawa uang real, dollar dan rupiah.
  • Untuk perempuan, sebaiknya pergi bersama mukhrim & sebaiknya bawa pakaian dalam berbahan kertas.
  • Tidak harus bisa bahasa Arab, di sana banyak yang bisa bahasa Indonesia, tapi sebaiknya kita juga bisa bahasa Inggris untuk jaga - jaga ;)
  • Pakai jasa travel yang terpercaya & kalau bisa hotel yang digunakan dekat dengan masjid, itu sangat membantu terutama kalau pergi dengan orang lanjut usia.
  • Jangan lupa mencoba kuliner di sana :3
  • Selama perjalanan selalu berdoa untuk kelancaran & kemudahan ibadah, jangan berpikir macem - macem, selalu istigfar & bersyukur, insya Allah diberi kemudahan oleh Allah :D
  • Selalu bersama rombongan & bertanya kepada guide bila membutuhkan apa - apa.

Mungkin ini saja yang bisa saya bagi. Semoga membantu :D

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